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We provide reliable and affordable high-quality luminous furniture services for events, parties and families.

China’s luminous product contractor provides customized services for events and families.

Customized services provided by colorfulfeco. Allows you to customize high-quality luminous furniture in accordance with the highest standards. Add color to your life in terms of style and function.

Change your furniture with light

“At Colorfuldeco, we’re committed to making our products even better. Most importantly, we also care deeply about the user experience. That’s why we design our LED furniture with style, quality and functionality in mind.

We see ourselves not just as a manufacturer, but as a partner who grows with our customers. So that’s why we work side-by-side with you to research and customize LED furniture that is beautiful, effective, and in line with your brand image and market needs.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                 —— Mark, CEO of Colorfuldeco

Our Focus:
It’s All About Awesome Makeup Brushes

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Attractive furniture & light design to help your brand stand out among others.

Trendy designs

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From the chip to the case, all materials are carefully selected and tested.

The Finest Materials

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100% Handmade. Obsessive attention toward style, function & durability.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

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Our Advantages

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Quality assurance

Our luminous products are guaranteed for one year. When you encounter any quality issues. You can ask us questions and solve them at any time.

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Our factory has many years of comprehensive experience. Has many years of experience in the luminous products business. Specializes in customized services.

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Our mission is to make high-quality luminous furniture affordable for more families and event venues.

Our People

Meet our team of experts behind the scene.

Our People | Colorfuldeco

Lisa, CEO

Our People | Colorfuldeco

Phoebe, CMO

Our People | Colorfuldeco

Rachel, Designer

Our People | Colorfuldeco

Mark, CTO

Our People | Colorfuldeco

Sam, COO

Our People | Colorfuldeco

Anne, CIO

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