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Colorfuldeco was founded in 2006, specializes in LED furniture manufacturing.

Supply LED furniture to the world

As a company specializing in the production and manufacturing of LED furniture, no one can know LED furniture better than us. Colorfuldeco specializes in production and sales so that customers all over the world can buy LED furniture cheaper and with higher quality.

Colorfuldeco has more than two hundred types of LED furniture since its creation in 2016, and strives to make it possible for every customer to buy any LED furniture they want from us.

We look through the furniture industry to find the best designers, and get the most beautiful and functional design pieces. After that, each LED furniture must be improved by our LED furniture factory’s professional engineers to ensure safety and practicality.

As a loyal LED furniture supplier and LED furniture factory with years of manufacturing and sales experience, we consider ourselves to be the most knowledgeable about LED furniture. We can provide professional customization service for each customer and make the best LED furniture for each customer.

We welcome every customer’s comments on our products, and we are more than happy to make changes for every customer.

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Beautiful Practical Safe Cool Sophisticated Fun Design

Minimalist design

Minimalist design

Our LED furniture factory pursue the simplest furniture design with the most practical and safe furniture to answer every one of our customers’ questions about LED furniture.

Practical functions

Practical functions

We turn the traditional meaning of furniture on its head. While meeting the use of furniture, it can also be used as a lamp for lighting. This is undoubtedly the most needed for many parties and entertainment activities nowadays.


Personalization | Colorfuldeco

As a professional LED furniture factory, personalization is what our customers like and need the most. This greatly facilitates our customers to put the LED furniture purchased from us into business use.

Design Excellence at Every Event



Providing indoor and outdoor LED furniture for product launches, corporate presentations, MICE and VIP events



The simple design of LED furniture is suitable for various international exhibitions


Home Decoration

It can be charged with city electricity, and the material of PE plastic is very durable.LED light source can bring you safety and energy saving



Ensuring instant glamour and atmosphere at any wedding whether at home or at a venue, with both indoor and outdoor furniture to sale



From softly glowing bars and seating combinations to striking lighting and accessories



A vast collection of stylish chairs, tables, stools, LED and lounge furniture for any event held in a hotel

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